Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Hasbros Release 'Cart Before the Horse'

There aren't many people who pick something back up more than two decades later. Usually, once it's over, that's it. Well, that is not the case for the men that make up The Hasbros. While many trends have come and gone since they dropped their last record in 1992, Bob Hanophy (guitar/vocals) Joe Gorelick (drums/vocals) Ken "Cardinal" O'Connor (bass/guitar) decided to pick back up where they left off with their alternative power pop ways with their 2018 release, Cart Before the Horse.

Jersey Beat's James Damion calls Cart Before The Horse “one of the more addictive records
I've recently come across." 12 songs deep, the vinyl includes powerhouse tracks such as
"Jackass," Don't Say What You Mean" and "Later On" while the included digital download
version adds 4 bonus tracks of some long lost demos and even a live track from 1988. "The
Hasbros pull influences from Sonic Youth to The Avett Brothers and everything in between,"

Alternative Addiction noted, adding, " Cart Before the Horse is a great example of that."
During more than 25 years apart, with Hanophy and O'Connor focused on their careers and
Gorelick having gone on to play in seminal post punk bands, Garden Variety, Retisonic and Red
Hare, The Hasbros got back together for the pure enjoyment of it all. Older and wiser, they
want to release music people can have fun with and enjoy either by listening to Cart Before The
Horse on their own time or seeing them hit the stage for one of their blistering live shows. The
Hasbros plan on playing as many live shows as their schedule permits and are currently
planning a limited East Coast tour.

Those interested in reviewing Cart Before the Horse , interviewing The Hasbros or booking them
for a show in the Tri-State area can reach out via the information provided below.

The Hasbros rocked together for six years before hanging it up in 1992. In 2015 they got the
band back together for what they thought was a one time gig at New York City's Arlenes
Grocery. The spark had been lit and two years later Bob Hanophy, Joe Gorelick, and Ken
"Cardinal" O'Connor were ready to really get back into things. Fast forward to April 2018 and the
release of Cart Before the Horse and it was like time had stood still. Their sound was as fresh as
ever and it was as if they'd never left the stage.

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