Thursday, August 16, 2018

Phil Circle's First Ever Release of a Single

After eight album releases, Phil Circle has begun work on his ninth, and this time it's going to be available on vinyl (with download cards included), CD, and of course via download.

After completing the release of his now critically acclaimed book The Outback Musician's Survival Guide, Phil got to work planning for this next album release. There was only one problem; his local Chicago fans were bothering him for one track in particular that he's been playing at all his shows. It had become so familiar that some people were even singing along with it. In one case, the host of a radio show Phil visited was singing along by the end of her first listen!

Phil responded by making this song the first he recorded with his longtime Chicago band, in collaboration with the same producer who recorded his 1997 debut and his most popular album to date, Minutes To Circle (2009). The result is a powerful ballad of hope, What I Mean.

With this single, and as a result of new attention being paid to his older material, Phil is also pushing out one track (Except For Today) from his debut album Guilty-Extenuating Circumstances (1997) and two (Backing Down and Take Me Baby) from one of his many acoustic releases All That I Am (2010).

Here's further proof that Phil Circle's performances appeal to entire crowds of dissimilar listeners, ensuring that he’ll be enjoyed for many more years on this long, winding road (Gainesville Gazette, 2010). With thirty years as an independent Chicago-based singer-songwriter, Phil Circle's work is being enjoyed by a wider audience than ever and his beloved hometown treats him as a respected veteran of the music industry. Have a listen to the old and the new and here's hoping you feel the same way as so many listeners. Thanks for your time and consideration.
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