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Interview With Christian Alternative Artist, Sam Negron

Sam Negron Interview

Muzique Magazine - Do you feel that the industry needs more artist like yourself? Why?
Historically if you look at modern music from about the early 50’s up until present; there’s contributing element(s) that included culture, technology, current events, and geopolitical issues that gave rise to a musical (and overall artistic) expression that was very diverse, inventive and distinct. However, somewhere during the 90’s began a pigeon holing process of categorizing different genre’s of modern music. This in my opinion caused a void filled by new and upcoming artists who were coerced into composing with a pallet that in my opinion branded a specified bandwidth of creativity; making it difficult to exist outside certain boundaries. 

 Additionally, this was sanctioned by record companies, show’s, underscores, etc. who encouraged particular ‘sounds’ by monetizing a narrow segment of inventiveness that in my opinion was limited. Then entered the internet which changed everything. Pirating, sampling and the overhaul of an antiquated business model has brought us to our present day scenario. 
Recently I’ve sensed a renaissance of new musical possibilities: artists that are exploring more challenging chord structures, varied arrangements, alternative instrumentation and lyrically more interesting, even poetic narratives. As a Christian singer/songwriter I identify with this no-holds-barred approach that I hope is heard in my recent album, What Is Man. My hope: to attract the ear of new listeners by being slightly nostalgic yet with a fresh approach.

Muzique Magazine - Would you prefer to be independent or signed to a major?
At present I’m favoring my indie-artist status but would not discount the possibility of an arrangement with the right record label. The only caveat being there are an assortment of preconceived stipulations some major labels are ardently fixed upon that (in my opinion) should vary with different artists. A more customized approach.

Muzique Magazine - Who was your inspiration?
My inspiration and mentors, along the way, included the fact I was raised in a house that loved music. All kinds. In many instances I was listening to Big Band, Folk, Country, Jazz, Latin, Rock, Blues, Classical, et al with secular artists such as Ella Fitz Gerald, Bob Dylan, Beatles, Motown, on and on. In my formative years I’ve enjoyed the likes of Mark Redman, Paul Belouche, Michael Card, Rich Mullins, Sara Groves and contemporary writers such as Peter Gabriel, Sting and a host of retro-artists such as 10CC, Jim Croche, and fusion jazz. In totality the list continues; in that I do not want to limit my listening experience, and influences but always maintain a focus for new ideas.

Muzique Magazine - Tell us about your new project.
My present release, the EastGate Project, is a collection of pre-existing plus newly composed songs that were the culmination of a profound experience I had while visiting Israel. There’s more comprehensive explanation in my recent MPK. However, needless to say there are touchstones in one’s life that an artist is compelled to share. This collection of songs is one such experience.  
I would consider much of the Music from What Is Man to be ‘downloads’ of inspiration that I was privileged to represent as best as possible. In many ways the EastGate Project has become more of a concept versus a formalized ‘band’. However the list of very talented musicians that contributed their gifts and talents are clearly heard. 

 Additionally my partnership with Rich Hartline for this project - former producer/recording engineer for DC Talk - has been a highlight in my life. I continue to write and have acquired enough material for a follow up album should the opportunity and resources become available.

Muzique Magazine - How can potential fans find you?
One of the expressed difficulties of an indie-artist is the fact that PR becomes the task of a one-man-show. That being said I’m doing my utmost to heighten awareness and distribute as are many other aspiring artists: utilizing the wonder of the net. Initially I can be heard and downloaded via many of the current resources: iTunes, Pandora, GooglePlay, Bandcamp, Spotify and a host of aggregators providing national and international distribution are my primary resource. 

Also, is where individuals can contact me and even acquire an artistically fashioned CD for those who love the physicality of owning an actual disc; no vinyl records at this point - but that would be nice. At this junction I feel the music is worthy of hopefully attracting a serious backer; independent or otherwise. Facebook for the EastGate Project - Sam Negron is available as well.
Muzique Magazine
Muzique Magazine

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