Saturday, June 16, 2018

Aria Nichols New Single 'Temptation' Follows Hot On The Heels Of Her 2017 Debut Single

Aria Nichols new single 'Temptation' follows hot on the heels of her November 2017 debut single ‘See Where This Goes’. Temptation tells the story of lust at first sight, a highly relateable account of the initial moments of a rather temporary but intense attraction.

 Aria explores the darker side to the club scene with subtle references to ecstasy use with lines such as 'before the buzz wears off' and also gently touches on issues of consent with 'before the love is gone'. The relaxed melody and sleepy vocals set the scene, with Don Fuego's tropical vibe drop perfectly complementing the mood.

Aria has launched an exciting, intense release schedule for her music, with her signature sound and catchy melodies she is sure to keep her name in the spotlight over the coming months!

Muzique Magazine
Muzique Magazine

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