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Imbibe The Vibe of “Two Divine Mimosas” Yarley G and Zig Short Deliver A Single With An Energetic Blend of Electronic, House and Just A Touch of Smooth Jazz Into A Song That Sizzles Too Sultry to Sip

“When an Extreme Sports Ninja teams up with a Computer Scientist and EDM Music Producer, you get Zig Short and Yarley G.” - Posh the Socialite.

Do you want to hear a track you can almost taste? Yarley G and Zig Short have combined their unique talents to serve up “Two Divine Mimosas,” a song that sizzles too sultry to sip. With a hint of 80s flavor, real brass instruments, and a clever collision of genres, when you imbibe the vibe of “Two Divine Mimosas,” you might be thirsty for more from Yarley G and Zig Short. “Two Divine Mimosas” is a collaborative effort between a pair of accomplished artists whose skill sets run the gamut; the track reflects this.

Yarley composed “Two Divine Mimosas,” did the background vocals, instrumentation, and the classic talk box. Zig Short penned the lyrics and laid the lead vocals. “The inspiration for the title and lyrics came from one of my favorite drinks,” says Short, a hip-hop artist and extreme sports athlete from Brooklyn.

“Two Divine Mimosas” starts out, both lyrically and musically smooth and mellow as it follows the storyline of a romantic meeting in a social scene. A classic talk box hits early, and the song takes off, just as the adrenaline of meeting a new love interest. With Zig Short’s fast-paced, well-placed words, are two other versions of “Two Divine Mimosas,” an acapella version, and an instrumental. The single is a free download for fans and will be part of part of Vivid Echoes, Yarley G’s first music compilation of R&B, dance and hip-hop set for release later this winter.

With eleven years as a pro, Yarley G’s successes already include sync deals with FOX and BET.In addition, he has worked on TV commercial tracks with Kellogg’s and Smirnoff. His creative talents span a wide array, including the woodwind and midi-replicated live instruments – such as brass, strings, and guitars – all of which he learned while growing up. His skill set also includes the myriad of musical and computing skills he acquired after moving to the U.S.A. at the age of eight.

Zig Short is a multi-faceted pro with a strive-to-perfection drive that sparked the creations of “Two Divine Mimosas.” He’s known as the “Ninja MC,” and has been performing professionally since 2010, garnering distribution deals from the likes of Nike 6.0 and others. “Zig breathed life into this single,” saysYarley G. He continues, “Originally only a verse and hook, I sent it to him - two weeks later he had the entire song ready to record. Zig Short and Yarley G have taken the best of old-school and let it age to perfection. They’ve used the best of new-school styles to bring it to the table. Maybe Zig’s favorite drink and “orange juice so divine” will be your next favorite too? Even if you’re not at the club, you can imbibe the vibe of “Two Divine Mimosas.”

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