Saturday, August 26, 2017

Music Begins To “Manifest” Within The Dark Slums

C.Havoc’s latest release features the singles “Manifest” and “Poison;” both are a sneak peek at his rap and dark hip-hop infused journey into The Dark Slums.

“I tell stories of what I see, what I’ve been through, or what others close to me experience ... those become my songs.”- Christian Emert, A.K.A., C.Havoc

In his latest release, C.Havoc, A.K.A.Christian Emert, delves into The Dark Slums.The full-length project is an eight-track -trek through the cutting edge of dark hip-hop and rap-infused metal. It is a place where stark artistic imagery intertwines with well-crafted lyrics and real-life stories. Thefirst two singles to drop from the offering are “Poison” and “Manifest.” These tracks beckon one to follow C.Havoc downward, deeper into The Dark Slums.

C.Havoc’s previous releases, Anarchy andAsylum,set the stage for the evolution ofThe Dark Slums. Christian’spassion for rap music from the 1980s and early 90s play an integral part in the evolution of his signature sound. He explains, “I was into NotoriousB.I.G., Nas, Tupac, and Dead Prezhardcore.” As a rising artist, C.Havoc has performed all over Texas and his native Tennessee. His gigs include an appearance at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival.

By harnessing his influences, Emert delves into the fathoms of his mind to bring his compositions to life. He explains, “Within The Dark Slums, I show my evolution stylistically to weave stories into my work without the screaming or guitar solos.” The latest two singles fromThe Dark Slums, accompany six other tracks. The first song, “Manifest,” reveals a shadowy and sinister backbeat with eerie, haunting overtones. Within the second single, he gives his listeners a sip of “Poison,” a high-energy, emotive song which conveys a female character’s grim descent into drug abuse.

C.Havoc’s creative gift is taking the ability to “Manifest” his music from fictional stories within his mind. He sets out to hit hard with powerful themes and open doors for his fans that may lead down a perilous path. As would a filmmaker, Christian connects fictional characters and their environment into a sullen, realistic scene. If fans dare, they can follow C.Havoc into The Dark Slums. The tracks are beginning to “Manifest,” so pick your “Poison” carefully.

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