Saturday, August 26, 2017

Debut Album From Mike Thompson Features Music Industry Heavyweights

The debut album by singer-songwriter Mike Thompson, "Out of My Head", was officially released on May 20th. The eleven tracks are powered by Thompson’s heart-felt lyrics, layered melodies, and driving rhythms.

This indie-rocker has some big name collaborators on this effort. Half of the tracks feature lead guitar and additional vocals of Mark Slaughter (Slaughter, Alice Cooper), as recorded by the legendary engineer Michael Wagener (Dokken, Metallica, Queen, and many more) in his Nashville Wire World Studio. Country star Collin Raye makes a special guest vocalist appearance on a high-energy cover of the Jay Ferguson classic "Thunder Island". JJ Crews produced and recorded the album, and Eric Conn of Independent Mastering, whose clients range from Ted Nugent to Garth Brooks, mastered the project.

Thompson says of the album, "Like all good music, the tracks all have stories of their own. While I never intended it, there are themes of compassion and caring, nostalgia, love found, and friends lost woven all through the album. It is where I am in my life. Dealing with the loss of family members and friends, the joy and hardships of raising kids, and the bitter-sweetness of looking back on a life lived. Not every part of every song on there is about my life, but if you listen to it enough times, you will know a lot about me."

Out of My Head tack listing:

1) The River

2) Radio Cosmos

3) The One

4) Little Dreamer

5) Jaded

6) Baggage

7) Homestead

8) Hype

9) Thunder Island

10) Can’t Be in Love

11) Memories of you

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