Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Carnival Cruise Singer, Kyng Bea, Releases First Single

Kyng Bea, Local artist and Fly-On Entertainer for Carnival Cruise Lines, has just returned home to Shannon, NC from Sydney, Australia preparing to release his debut single, “Typical Lover”. On April 7th, he will be debuting the single from 8-11pm at the Wing Co. in Fayetteville NC, at 7071 Raeford Rd.

Along with debuting his Single, Kyng Bea, also known as King Beautiful, will be singing songs he has performed on the Cruise Lines as a Showband Singer, Piano Bar Entertainer, and Fly-On.

Alicia Keys, Luther Vandross, and John Legend are only a few of the artist on his Song list. He also covered a Lady Gaga song, “Million Reasons” on Facebook which reached over 100,000 people online.

“This will be my first official release,” Kyng Bea says, “I’ve been working on my music while performing on Cruise Ships for a very long time and it feels good to be near the finish line.”

His song, “Typical Lover” Is a sultry R&B Ballad reminiscent of Prince with sprinkles of Maxwell.

“This will be my first official performance being off of the Cruise Lines, and I’m very excited to share my single with everyone.” Kyng Bea says.

Kyng Bea’s single, “Typical Lover” will release on April 7th, 2017. That following evening he will performing and debuting his single at the Wing co. on Raeford rd near 71st.

The single will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and other online music stores at .99¢. It may also be streamed on Apple Music, Spotify, and other streaming services. Kyng Be a will also be selling Keychains and T-Shirts at the event.

For more info or questions, about updates or changes please visit KyngBea.com

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fz9QvX_fqec
Photos: https://kyngbea.com/photos
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