Saturday, April 22, 2017

Jaywin Is Aiming To Reach The Highest Charts With "Same One"

It's not everyone who believe they can sing or rap, do it well. In our lifetime we find a few voices that catches people's emotions, that allows and develop up a great connection. 

Longe has found Jaywin's voice to be one of the few. It's also like calling Whitney Houston's the voice of her generation. They are in a class by themselves! 

Though Little Wayne is a wild one, you cannot deny his voice on that perfect track, and this is what we here at Longe, has found in Jaywin's voice with his new song "Same one". 

This song is club ready and charted it will be, and glorified one day. It's a hit, people. As always Longe wants to know your thoughts on the artist by providing your feedback. 

Review Jaywin's social media and video below and let us know your views.

Muzique Magazine
Muzique Magazine

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