Sunday, February 5, 2017

Jetpack Hotline Releases New Single Entitled "OK (feat. Jiji)"

Jetpack Hotline's new single "OK (feat. Jiji)" is the latest addition to the Chicago-based group's collection of unique alt-electro energy pumping tracks that incorporates hip hop and electronic pop elements. "OK (feat. Jiji)" explores the struggle between acceptance and following your heart; using high energy dance beats as an outlet to take fans on the not-so-uncommon journey of falling in love with the wrong person.

Always looking to add new flavor to their sound, "OK (feat. Jiji)" features the debut of female vocalist Jiji, creating a rich contrast to the sharp male vocals of Jetpack Hotline as well as adding a female spin on the lyrical story the song embodies. "OK (feat. Jiji)" is a track that will draw you in with its relatable message and leave you pumped with adrenaline.
Jetpack Hotline are Mike Spinelli (Producer/Guitarist) and Randy Daniels (Producer/Vocalist) who are consummate musicians with a desire to experiment and push the creative envelope. They go to great lengths to capture the 'right sound' to seek out the 'correct element' of a song and deliver it to their fans. In early 2015, they created a six-song demo of dance beat driven alt-electro tracks under the name, Jetpack Hotline, that secured them a headlining spot at a midsummer music festival. Since then, the duo has been busy discovering new sounds, playing live shows with bandmates, Dan Robb (Bass) and Joe Precup (Drums), and producing and releasing music; self-titled album Jetpack Hotline out November 17th, 2015; single "Tough" out on October 11th, 2016; and, their new single entitled, "OK (feat. Jiji) out on January 25th, 2017.

Anyone ready to explore a new type of sound will enjoy the unique, energetic alternative electronic music that blends hip hop and electronic pop elements. Jetpack Hotline bridges the musical gaps to create an undefined genre, carving out a new place within the music industry.

"We bring a ton of energy to the studio, which we want our fans to feel through our sound... our goal is for everyone to have fun, dance and really connect with our music! We just want to keep creating."

Look out for more releases by Jetpack Hotline in the near future!

Contact Info:
Recorded at Spinmont Productions

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