Saturday, December 17, 2016

New Single From Dfactor Pop! "Let's Take Uber Tonight" Available For Streaming And Download

Singer-songwriter Dfactor Pop has released a new powerpop single called "Let's Take Uber Tonight", now streaming and available for download at Bandcamp and Soundcloud!

Dfactor on Bandcamp
Dfactor on Soundcloud

The song is a 3-minute pop reminder to stay safe this holiday season and use Uber instead of driving! You'll meet people, have fun and sing along with this song!

"I'm super excited to share "Let's Take Uber Tonight" with everyone," says Dfactor Pop. "It's a fun melody I had bouncing around my head for a few weeks and figured I'd try to knock something out before the holidays. It's not a Christmas song, but it might have relevance this holiday season! Stay safe out there kids!"

In his band Action Jets, Dfactor writes and plays more rockin' stage-type songs. The band is scheduled to release its new CD early in 2017. Action Jets and Dfactor are currently based in Scottsdale, AZ, the latest roost for a guy who's lived around the US and Europe at different parts of his life.

Check out Dfactor music and fun hgijinks on his YouTube channel:

About Dfactor Pop
Dfactor Pop is a singer, guitarist and rock 'n roll fan. He has led three bands - Anthemic Pop Wonder (NYC), Dfactor (AZ) and currently Action Jets (AZ). He also writes and records his solo music, found at his Bandcamp and Soundcloud channels.

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