Sunday, December 31, 2017

Nick De La Hoyde - Hold Me Close


Nick's newest installment Hold Me Close is his brightest yet. The track is filled with energy, from its pulsing trop vibes to the swooning vocal melodies - it has enough to lift into exultation and create a dance party of any situation. The single marks the evolution of Nick's musical style into one that is thoughtful of both the senses and the mind, continuing the sense of free-spiritedness that has come to define his music.


Nick continues to cultivate his ever-growing social media following with strong numbers across his key platforms, most notably Instagram which now boasts 358K active followers and Facebook where his following jumped to 160k. Nick continues to focus on his social media through consistently engaging with through a consistent flow of unique, self-produced content.

Thrillkiller Back in the Studio to Record New Material

After the ciritcal success of their debut album, Showdown in the summer of 2016, Thrillkiller was quickly back in the studio recording new material. Released in the Spring of 2017, The King of 1984 pushes the envelope of the band's musical crafting. Alongside the release of their new single, they have been hard at work filming their debut fan funded music video with acclaimed director Dewey Tron. After the success of their music video debut, Thrillkiller quickly began work on their follow up single SAN FRANCISCO MOTO working with acclaimed engineer, Tony Correlli. Exploring elements of old school funk, this is the most experimental and ambitious release of the band so far.

"I can't think of anything that sounds like this" Gary Thorn, Shockwave Magazine

Monday, December 4, 2017

Katie Garibaldi Releases Original And First Ever Holiday Album, Home Sweet Christmas

Award-winning singer/songwriter Katie Garibaldi releases her new album Home Sweet Christmas, a collection of holiday and faith themed songs featuring eleven original compositions and one rendition of a traditional classic. Home Sweet Christmas is now available on online retailers including, iTunes, Bandcamp, Google Play, CD Baby, and Spotify.

Katie Garibaldi is a San Francisco, CA based singer/songwriter and guitar player who has been releasing music independently for about half of her life thus far. Elmore Magazine describes Garibaldi’s sound as, “sweet, smooth music that is equal parts old‐school pop princess and folk songstress.” The songwriter has a characteristic musical style wherein her country‐tinged dreamy folk gives her a distinct sound—ethereal Americana with sparkling memorable melodies. But this prolific artist continues to stretch the boundaries of any genre’s walls with the release of her new full-length album this holiday season, Home Sweet Christmas, a collection of original Christmas songs that embrace Garibaldi’s operatic vocal prowess and soulful folky affection, but also songs that branch out into traditional country and even gospel atmosphere.

Home Sweet Christmas exclusively premiered on The Daily Country on November 30th, presenting the first listen of the album before its worldwide release. As told to The Daily Country, Garibaldi

Friday, November 17, 2017

Michael O. “Follow Me”

Michael O.'s latest single, 'Follow Me,' delivers fun yet stylized passion in a vibrant and catchy afro-pop/r&b package. Michael O.'s vocal expertise is overt in this new release, his melodious tone gliding through phrases with agility while thoughtfully layered harmonies act as support. Sparkling synths add a summery feel to the song, and complex drum rhythms create exciting variety throughout the track.

"Follow Me" explores feelings of instinctive connection and attraction, reminding us that at a dime, the heart can wants what it wants. "Your body mad, it be begging me, and it dey killing me slowly, so dance mama whine, whine for me, whine." Michael O.'s meteoric rise to success has only just begun, and 'Follow Me' marks the first of his next series of triumphs.

About Michael O.

Michael O., ( is a singer, songwriter, performer and producer who harnesses his personal and cultural influences to create a powerful sound all his own.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Interview With Singer/Songwriter - Roddan

Muzique Mag. When did you start making music and taking it serious?
" After years of playing lead guitar with other musicians, I became a bit frustrated working with their lack of direction and motivation to write new, original material."

Muzique Mag. Do you feel that the industry needs more artist like yourself?
"Not at all! There are so many talented artists in the world today, and our uniqueness is what gives the industry life and a pulse. What is needed, is more substantial revenue streams for artists to make a decent living."

Muzique Mag. Would you prefer to be independent or signed to a major?
"Based upon my research, being an independent is the way to go, i.e., retaining complete control of our art, and the direction the music goes over time."