Friday, May 5, 2017

Doubtingthomas Releases New Single ‘They Find Us’

Aurelien Riviere aka Doubtingthomas is back with another unique sounding minimal dance track. Once again aiming not only to fill the dance floors, but challenging in between the rhythms to appeal to wider audiences, his new track ‘They Find Us’ has been released on UK based label Static Music and takes influence from musique concrete.

Taking influences from musique concrete, the single involves a minimal melody and futuristic fugue rhythms, layered beneath a tantalising tech beat. A soft, satiate vocal, overlays the beat and

Geoff Westen's 'WOMEN DOMINATE" Video Released Today

Los Angeles CA - "Women Dominate" the new video from Geoff Westen's album, VIDIOTS-Tune In!!, premieres today on Youtube and on the Disturbing Music website.

When collaborator Jean-Louis first heard "Women Dominate," he immediately launched into a creative mashup of visuals and music that punctuates Westen's storyline and creates a unique point-of-view for one of Geoff's singular musical narratives.

Westen's lover makes a bold move and runs away to Tokyo, leaving him to consider his options on running after her.

The music on Westen's pop CDs showcase his quirky and eclectic storytelling as he continues to follow his own musical muse, fearlessly showcasing his signature "wall of pop" sound,

Mayhayley's House - A New Album By Lonesome River Band

The trails and celebrations of American life over the last three centuries are chronicled in various strains of acoustic music. From Appalachian music, the Piedmont Blues to American Folk, these various styles and musical instruments come together to convey the sentiment that embodies the heart of America. 

In the early middle of the 20th century, when the modern world began to encroach into the valleys and “hollers” of Appalachia, a new strain of Appalachian music began to come together that brought renewal in the norms and values of the region as it also brought a sadness – a bluer element to the equation that could help convey a culture under duress. This became known as Bluegrass music. It was and is the stalwart expression of the region – the fiddle and the mandolin

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Everlast, Sick Jacken, and Divine Styler Team Up With B-Real To Release New Video for "Warporn Industry"

Everlast, Sick Jacken, and Divine Styler Team Up With B-Real To Release New Video for "Warporn Industry"

Everlast has returned to his hip-hop roots, teaming up with Sick Jacken (Psycho Realm) and Divine Styler (Rhyme Syndicate) to form the new music and art collective WARPORN INDUSTRIES. The group has premiered their new Chad A. Marshall directed video for "Warporn Industry" featuring B-Real online at The video takes viewers through the back-alleys of Los Angeles, as the group fires off a barrage of lyrical ammunition.

New Rhythm Del Mundo's EP Reworks When Doves Cry

Artists Project Earth (APE), the charity that campaigns for ocean plastics and climate change awareness is releasing a new EP as a tribute to Prince, covering his worldwide hit, When Doves Cry. The four-track EP featuring APE's Afro-Cuban collective, Rhythms Del Mundo, is available to download from Friday 21st April and features a talented young musician, 16-year-old Jazz Flowers.

American songwriter and producer, and APE founder, Kenny Young produced the EP, the profits of which will go towards APE's Plastic Oceans Campaign and in addition, to Green 4 All; the charity that Prince had secretly contributed to the funding of. "As great admirers of Prince's work we decided to record one of his most famous songs and thought that it would be a fitting tribute to have his favourite environmental charity also benefit from the sales," commented Kenny.