Saturday, January 14, 2017

3Dimensional Blends Pop, R&B, and Rap On New Album Release!

Recognized as a dynamic duo, brothers Coleton and Logen are talented singers, songwriters, and dancers who have become known as 3Dimensional. Offering listeners a unique blend of original pop, soulful R&B and edgy rap, the brothers were discovered by Disney in 2011. Since their discovery, the young artists have received invitations to appear on numerous television shows performing their material.

Although still teenagers, sibling singer/songwriters Coleton and Logen appear as though they have been a staple in modern music for quite some time. Hailing from Tampa, Florida, the multi-talented brothers have brought lyrically meaningful, genre-bending R&B and hip hop to a wide audience of listeners both in Tampa, and internationally. Discovered by the Disney channel in 2011 on a showcase called The Event, the young musicians draw from personal experience and interpersonal relationships to create meaningful music that virtually any listener can relate to.

Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee Chip Tayler Set To Release New CD, A Song I Can Live With, February 17 On Train Wreck Records

NEW YORK, NYLegendary songwriter Chip Taylor, who was inducted into the hallowed Songwriters Hall of Fame (along with Marvin Gaye, Tom Petty, and Elvis Costello) in June of 2016, announces a February 17 release date for his new album, A Song I Can Live With, on his Train Wreck Records imprint. Chip’s latest compilation of songs in his own inimitable style, personal in origin but universal in appeal, follows last year’s release of Little Brothers, which generated universal acclaim and also saw Taylor reuniting with his former duo partner, singer/fiddler Carrie Rodriguez, for a series of shows dubbed “the 10th Anniversary Red Dog Tracks Reunion Tour,” in honor of their album of the same name. Taylor also released a “mini album,” I’ll Carry for You, last year, inspired by Canadian golfing sisters Brooke and Brittany Henderson, who caddy for each other, and whose title track was a song about the power of love.

Prior to the release of A Song I Can Live With, Chip and his long-time guitar player, John Platania, taped an interview and performance with Chicago’s Dave Hoekstra for his acclaimed WGN-AM radio

Donny Blayne Drops New Supercharged Single Whippin'

Triumphant, swaggering and booming, Donny Blayne's debut single Whippin' is a certified street anthem that is sure to light up hoods around the world. A disciple of the Gospel of Kanye, Donny is a creative lyricist and producer who is able to craft backpack rap for the true aficionados and kingpins. Visceral, punchy and highly entertaining, Whippin' is a hallucinogenic hip hop tune that is driven by nuanced beats and a massive bassline. Donny Blayne is a versatile and talented professional who knows how to produce massive, chest rattling beats and potent, mind expanding lyrics. Gritty yet celebratory, dramatic yet fun-loving, Whippin' is the perfect debut for a young talent. If you enjoy urban music, get to know: Donny Blayne!

Hailing from the DMV, otherwise known as the nexus of Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia, Donny Blayne has a southern fried vocal delivery style. Donny Blayne is an MC on a mission and with a debut as fierce as Whippin', it's easy to be excited about watching where this young creative's visionary talent will take him next. A truly

NEW MACHINE - Karma Release Date Set

High Vol Music has announced that the release date for the NEW MACHINE debut 'Karma' is set for March 17th, 2017. The highly anticipated debut was engineered and produced by Howard 'The Doctor' Lindeman (John Lennon, BOC, Kiss, Roberta Flack) and recorded at CVRS Studios in Naples, FL

Friday, January 6, 2017

New Single "A Mixolydian Samba" (432 Hz Integral Music)

"A Mixolydian Samba" is a composition that is part of a small suite of three songs focused on deep listening. This kind of compositions will characterize the next CD of Enzo Crotti, which of course will consist of 432 Hz Integral Music. It is a research work that the guitarist and composer Enzo Crotti has pursued for several years and intends to find the connection between music, mathematics and awareness. For example, this song will be a stimulus to search for roots, focusing on contact with Earth and the ancestral part of themselves. The music is composed and recorded so that the frequencies are as natural as possible, making a wise use of the mathematics of life. These skills are explained in the last book published by the author, entitled "432 Hz Integral Music". The book will be translated into English soon.

"All that exists is vibration, including us. Music that accords with the basic frequencies of life resounds in us and gives us positive energy, in particular by fostering emotional states and brain


A few years ago, I suddenly began getting these weekly emails out of the blue from DigitalRadioTracker. I was excited because they offer valuable chart information for internet radio spins, a growth area I was closely watching. Some of my friends in the music industry have started their own internet radio stations and many others have launched internet radio shows. Additionally, I receive many interview requests and spins for my artists at internet radio. My concern with internet radio has always been that it’s next to impossible to know how many listeners are reached or how many times a song is played.

DigitalRadioTracker tracks 5,000+ radio stations worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Although most are internet radio stations, they've also included some terrestrial, college, commercial and non-commercial stations. This gives access to a good balance of radio beyond the traditional terrestrial FM stations that BDS or Mediabase offer. I can affordably purchase reports for projects (mine or the competition’s) to see the number of spins they are getting or have gotten historically, in what areas, on what stations, and how much total audience was reached.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Komplex Kai - Do Right

Artist: Komplex Kai
Release: Do Right
Label: KK Entertainment

Komplex Kai, a proud member of the Northwestern Pacific's Tulalip Tribes, has been described as the Native American Tupac, blending classic west coast beats with raw east coast lyrical tones. With the ongoing protests in progress at North Dakota's Standing Rock, Komplex Kai's timing could not have been more on point.