Saturday, April 22, 2017

Everlast, Sick Jacken, and Divine Styler Team Up With B-Real To Release New Video for "Warporn Industry"

Everlast, Sick Jacken, and Divine Styler Team Up With B-Real To Release New Video for "Warporn Industry"

Everlast has returned to his hip-hop roots, teaming up with Sick Jacken (Psycho Realm) and Divine Styler (Rhyme Syndicate) to form the new music and art collective WARPORN INDUSTRIES. The group has premiered their new Chad A. Marshall directed video for "Warporn Industry" featuring B-Real online at The video takes viewers through the back-alleys of Los Angeles, as the group fires off a barrage of lyrical ammunition.

New Rhythm Del Mundo's EP Reworks When Doves Cry

Artists Project Earth (APE), the charity that campaigns for ocean plastics and climate change awareness is releasing a new EP as a tribute to Prince, covering his worldwide hit, When Doves Cry. The four-track EP featuring APE's Afro-Cuban collective, Rhythms Del Mundo, is available to download from Friday 21st April and features a talented young musician, 16-year-old Jazz Flowers.

American songwriter and producer, and APE founder, Kenny Young produced the EP, the profits of which will go towards APE's Plastic Oceans Campaign and in addition, to Green 4 All; the charity that Prince had secretly contributed to the funding of. "As great admirers of Prince's work we decided to record one of his most famous songs and thought that it would be a fitting tribute to have his favourite environmental charity also benefit from the sales," commented Kenny.

Jaywin Is Aiming To Reach The Highest Charts With "Same One"

It's not everyone who believe they can sing or rap, do it well. In our lifetime we find a few voices that catches people's emotions, that allows and develop up a great connection. 

Longe has found Jaywin's voice to be one of the few. It's also like calling Whitney Houston's the voice of her generation. They are in a class by themselves! 

Though Little Wayne is a wild one, you cannot deny his voice on that perfect track, and this is what we here at Longe, has found in Jaywin's voice with his new song "Same one". 

This song is club ready and charted it will be, and glorified one day. It's a hit, people. As always Longe wants to know your thoughts on the artist by providing your feedback. 

Review Jaywin's social media and video below and let us know your views.


CeCe Rogers & Andrea Ferrini Release New Track ‘Can’t Let Go’ On USB Record

USB Records, established in 2007 by house music legends CeCe Rogers and Marshall Jefferson has released “Can’t Let Go” written and produced by Andrea Ferrini and CeCe Rogers.
Andrea Ferrini being fond of the arts is an Italian producer who leads a double life. In the day he is essential to the fashion industry and by night he produces music. The interest for music led him back into the studio; with a song that transcends tunes of a sultry love story enhanced with an exalting voice that can captivate any audience, CeCe Rogers.

CeCe is known for “Someday” (until now considered an anthem in house music having been rated number 3 in Mix Mag’s 100 Greatest Singles of All Time). In addition, CeCe has musical selections that are noted by collaborating with the following artist: Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Duran Duran, Jestofunk and Bob Sinclar; just mentioning a few of the multi-talented artist that have harmonized with him on a multitude of musical compilations.

Metaract Announce Worldwide Release Of Debut Single, “CPR (Start Again)”

(Auckland, New Zealand) April 22, 2017 - Metaract is excited to announce the release of their debut single, CPR (Start Again) available worldwide today.

Metaract consists of musicians from established New Zealand rock and metal bands Just One Fix, Static Era (top 10 NZ album), Tadpole (certified double platinum), who have toured with international artists like Disturbed, Korn, Alter Bridge, Megadeth and Evanescence.

CPR (Start Again) combines edge crushing riffs, stomping grooves and hook-laden melodies, paying tribute to all eras of metal. It was recorded and mixed by New Zealand award winning engineer, Dave Rhodes, at Depot Sound Studios and mastered by Sage Audio in the USA.

“CPR (Start Again) is basically about the madness happening in the world. We can either passively