Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Leo Vance Releases Level Up

Hip Hop recording artist and music producer Leo Vance released his new single, "LEVEL UP" September 3, 2017. The multi-talented artist performed on the TDOT FEST music stage at the iconic Young-Dundas Square before a packed venue. "LEVEL UP" is produced by platinum winning music producer Patrick Carmelo, who worked with Vance to ensure the single reflected the artist's soul

"LEVEL UP" looks back into Vance's childhood memories growing up on the east side of Detroit and how it parallels growing up on the east side of Toronto. The lyrics speak to character and the ability to know who you are and to persevere against what life throws your

Thursday, September 7, 2017

9Wise - Jackson

Reza Savant, otherwise known as “9Wise”, is a filmmaker, designer, music producer and rapper, based in Melbourne, Australia

Taking his years of life experience around the world and in different industries, 9Wise now graces the world with his first solo offering titled "Jackson".

The hype trap banger sees 9Wise speak of the time he met Michael Jackson as a child, his journey with his team thus far and his ambitions for the future.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Romeo M Comes To America To Release Tracker Love

In search of a larger audience for his music Romeo M, originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, has arrived in North America to stake his claim and go for that music business gold that so many other artists are striving for. He’s a popular performer at festivals throughout South Africa whose style of music has been called Afro-World-Hip-Hop. Romeo M takes the art of keeping your eye on the one you love to a whole new level on “Tracker Love”, his first single to be released in this country.

A North American radio and press campaign has been launched to promote “Tracker Love”. This original offering from Romeo M which was anticipated to not only hit Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop regional radio charts as it steadily climbs to the top of broadcaster’s play lists throughout the USA and Canada, but has also already now appeared as well on both weighted and un-weighted national radio airplay charts. The single, which is an advance track from his planned but still untitled album, will be officially before the end of this year.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Music Begins To “Manifest” Within The Dark Slums

C.Havoc’s latest release features the singles “Manifest” and “Poison;” both are a sneak peek at his rap and dark hip-hop infused journey into The Dark Slums.

“I tell stories of what I see, what I’ve been through, or what others close to me experience ... those become my songs.”- Christian Emert, A.K.A., C.Havoc

In his latest release, C.Havoc, A.K.A.Christian Emert, delves into The Dark Slums.The full-length project is an eight-track -trek through the cutting edge of dark hip-hop and rap-infused metal. It is a place where stark artistic imagery intertwines with well-crafted lyrics and real-life stories. Thefirst two singles to drop from the offering are “Poison” and “Manifest.” These tracks beckon one to follow C.Havoc downward, deeper into The Dark Slums.

Meet Seattle Singer Song-Writer Roddan

Roddan, an American singer-songwriter from Seattle, WA, skillfully demonstrates to us his diverse influences from Blues, Americana, Folk, Rock, and Modern Country. Currently finishing up his second album (Bleed) of 6 more original tracks recorded in Austin, TX with SXSW award-winning producer, Rick Del Castillo, and mastered by legendary Austin Producer, Mark Hallman.

"Roddan has dropped a stunning solo album. Showing himself to be one of the better songwriters in the business nowadays." Jamsphere Magazine, October 2016

"Roddan has shown himself to be one of the better songwriters in the business nowadays. He wears his heart on his sleeve, and in places, he especially bares his soul. You can hear it in his plaintive voice, and in the powerful lyrical content." Robby Tee, JamSphere Magazine.

"Bleed 432" is Roddan's follow-up EP to his 2016 debut release of "Music House" of all original, and critically acclaimed songs. His sophmore EP consists of 6 new original tracks: 1) Never meant To Be 2) Exit 38 3) Bleed 4) Patty