Friday, July 6, 2018

Seattle's Close Encounter Releases Full Length Album 'Lost Time'

'Lost Time' is a full length self-produced album from the hazed visions of Seattle-based Close Encounter. From beautiful, dreamy uppers to strange, apocalyptic downers. That and all the raw feels from the new era.

Combining jangley disco, dark 80s pop, and 90s shoegaze, Close Encounter's 'Lost Time' uses diverse textures to depict a wide range of moods, dealing with heartbreak, and the loneliness of modern communication.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

ARCANA Debut Single Release “SAY”

ARCANA is an American Rock power trio from Los Angeles, California who believes in the authenticity of passionate music coming directly from the heart. This band of brothers consists of singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Spencer Marcu, with his all-powerful, resonating voice and a clear vision of the importance of sincere songwriting. Bassist, Aroyn Davis, who shatters stagnant barriers between audience and performers with his unique talent, contagious presence, and boundless energy. And finally, drummer Alejandro Mercado, and his hard-hitting hand that is the perfect fit for creating the heartbeat of Arcana.

Featured on Arcana's upcoming debut album is legendary drummer Kenny Aronoff as well as contributions from Joe Barressi, Jeff Sheehan, and a shout out from Butch Vig that “the tracks are rockin.’”

Country Artist Mike Johnson Releases New Single 'Full Time Habit'

The singer and songwriter of alt country music known as Mike Johnson has released his latest single, “Full Time Habit.” Like the rest of Johnson's recent repertoire, “Full Time Habit” has been proudly published on the Chewy Records independent record label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. A genuine blend of country, blues and rock which both respects the old sounds and builds something fresh on their foundations, “Full Time Habit” by Mike Johnson is a track fans of many music genres can get behind.

Gainesville, Florida's Mike Johnson cites as main artistic influences the Zac Brown Band, Hootie and the Blowfish, and Kenny Chesney.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Ben Green Is Set To Detonate – His Debut Single/Video “Change Up” Officially Drops June 15

By the age of twelve, Ben Green was already working on his freestyle rhymes. By the time he was fourteen, he discovered his ability to write material and hooks that connected through his unique & fresh perspective. And now, five years later & on the verge of entering his twenties, he’s got his style completely dialed-in and this nineteen year-old artist is set to detonate with his debut single in 2018.

Confident, controlled, and highly capable – Ben sets himself apart from the rest through his insightful lyricism and ultra-smooth sound on “Change Up.” Stocked full of vibes that expertly combine Rap/R&B, Ben’s debut single delivers a chilled-out experience that intensely examines what it takes to beat the odds, move past the haters, & overcome any obstacle that stands in the way of him changing the game.

Dizzy Box Nine Debut Record Available Now!

The debut record from the California indie-pop-rock band Dizzy Box Nine is out now! This record was officially released on Friday, September 22nd, 2017. 

 The band consists of long-time bandmates Randy Ludwig (Singer-Guitarist) and Lawrence Dunlap (Drummer), who initially got their start together playing in the band Selva, all throughout the Phoenix Arizona area. Dizzy Box Nine has several shows set up throughout the Los Angeles County and Orange County areas. Updates can be found at: