Sunday, June 24, 2018

Teen’s Fourth Annual ‘Adding Tomorrows’ Tour Dates Released

Thirteen year old Rose Ostrowski of Berwick, PA is happy to announce the dates for her 4th annual “Adding Tomorrows” Tour, which benefits the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The annual tour will begin in September at the Hard Rock Café in Nashville, TN and conclude at Scranton’s Marketplace at Steamtown in February.

The annual event raises donations and awareness for cystic fibrosis, a disease that Rose’s cousin, Camilla Stiller suffered from and passed away as a result in 2012. Since, Ostrowski has been recording music and performing to do her part with finding a cure while enjoying something that she loves to do- sing and play music.

“Changes” Release From Jonathan Burkett Inspires

Born in Florida and raised in Jamaica Hip-Hop and R&B artist Jonathan Burkett knows nothing remains the same and that’s what “Changes” (featuring Polancapop) is all about. This style of music is vibrant and positive with an inspirational message of love to all who will listen. And what everyone knows more than ever is that what the world needs now is love, so to do so, changes must be made one day at a time by one soul at a time.

Beginning his life in Florida in an abusive household Jonathan Burkett learned early on that love was not a guarantee for any child. In an effort to protect him his grandparents brought

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Aria Nichols New Single 'Temptation' Follows Hot On The Heels Of Her 2017 Debut Single

Aria Nichols new single 'Temptation' follows hot on the heels of her November 2017 debut single ‘See Where This Goes’. Temptation tells the story of lust at first sight, a highly relateable account of the initial moments of a rather temporary but intense attraction.

 Aria explores the darker side to the club scene with subtle references to ecstasy use with lines such as 'before the buzz wears off' and also gently touches on issues of consent with 'before the love is gone'. The relaxed melody and sleepy vocals set the scene, with Don Fuego's tropical vibe drop perfectly complementing the mood.

Laice Releases Confident Pop/R&B Single “Monster”

Boston, MA (May 25th, 2018) - LAICE has released a confident new single, “Monster”. The song, which follows on the heels of her debut single “Independence” and features YouTube sensation Olivia Cella, is an impassioned reclamation of time and energy wasted on a relationship that has gone south. 16-year-old Laice’s self-assured vocal is immediately striking as she flits between graceful runs and chopped vocal hooks, while a rippling mid-tempo track grooves along in the background. “Monster” not only showcases Laice’s versatility as a singer, but also paints a picture of Laice’s departure from a toxic relationship, relaying an inspiring message for young girls.

"Orizzonte Rosso", From The Album "Nautilus" Performed By Donatella Canepa

"Nautilus", the second solo album of the Italian guitarist Donatella Canepa, comes out on 8 June 2018.

Published by the established Italian label Top Records, the concept album is a journey between the secrets of the abyss and the indefinite space perception. A timeless adventure with no boundaries, starting by the submariner grandfather many years ago and symbolically continuing with the instrumental notes of his niece.

Sailing on guitar and bass, rock music faces the fascinating indomitable sea's forces.
[CD and Digital Album available]

"Orizzonte Rosso" is the single from "Nautilus". The videoclip was directed by Plamen Georgiev.